At DECISÕES E SOLUÇÕES we work with the best insurance companies in Portugal and guarantee the best solutions for our clients, according to their real needs. For companies or individuals, we always find the most favourable price/quality ratio, whatever the area in which we operate. We have various types of insurance, such as Life, Motor, Personal Accident, Health, Multi-risk Home, Multi-risk Commercial, Accident at Work, among others.

Decisões e Soluções – Intermediários de Crédito Lda has been registered with the ASF since 29 September 2009 as an Insurance Agent, under no. 409311648/3, with authorisation for Life and Non-Life, verifiable at The insurance intermediary does not assume risk cover, does not have the power to conclude contracts on behalf of insurers and is not authorised to receive premiums for delivery to insurers.

Car insurance is required by law, concerning liability towards third parties. For the protection of your own vehicle, you must have a comprehensive insurance, which is not required but it is advisable. You should also pay special attention regarding contracted covers, deductibles, and service quality if you need travel assistance and a fast settlement in the event of a claim.

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Protect yourself and your family. Nowadays, a health insurance is the ideal protection not only for you but also for your loved ones. Ensure your health expenses coverage and live your life to the fullest.

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Protect yourself and your family! Life Insurance guarantees and entitle a capital to you or to the recipients in case of death or in the case of a permanent disability that will allow you or the recipients to have financial aid to ensure a better quality of life.

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Your home is a valuable asset and therefore, it should be protected with an insurance to guarantee its reconstruction (Home Multi-risks) in the case of an accident. The reconstruction is important but you should also ensure that your home contents that have being acquired throughout your life, will also be replaced. For that, you must have a supplementary Multi-risk Content Insurance, which safeguards your property in case of fire, flood, theft, etc.

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Apply your Savings with the safety and soundness of the major and best Insurance Companies.
Get your Capital and Guaranteed Interest with the best market interest rates.

Transfer your Pension Saving Scheme to the Capital and Guaranteed Interest model with excellent interest rates. Do not put your retirement at risk.

Contact us and we will ensure that you have your Savings or Pension Saving Scheme at the best market conditions.

Unforeseen events happen all the time. If you want to feel always safe and do not want to be concerned about the accidents consequences, DECISÕES E SOLUÇÕES suggests you a Personal Accident Insurance, which will guarantee your safety and all the necessary protections.

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Everyone is exposed to risks in their work environment. The Worker Compensation Insurance is a law requirement, whether you are an independent worker or working for others. This insurance protects employees in the event of an accident at the workplace during working hours and during the usual employeeís route when going home or to the workplace.

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This type of insurance is for companies and it is designed to safeguard your business property, furniture and work equipment, whatever the field of activity. Find professionals at DECISÕES E SOLUÇÕES that will advise you on the best solution available.

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This innovative and important insurance will avoid the waste of time and the high-cost of regular disputes that may arise from:
· Family (examples: Issues with employment, Tax office, Landlords, etc.);
· Owners of rented property (examples: reimburses the rent not paid by the tenant, compensation for property damages caused by the tenant, remove the tenant from the property in the event of a dispute and non-compliance, etc.);
· Business (example: claimed debts, etc.);
· Drivers (examples: fines, claims of vehicle damage, etc.).

This insurance provides you a previous advice; it will attempt an amicable agreement (out-of-court) and if necessary manage the legal proceedings to ensure your rights.

Consult an expert from DECISÕES E SOLUÇÕES and, for an affordable price, you could be legally protected for any situation that may arise when you least expect.